We’ve Got the Power

We’ve Got the Power takes the Emmy award-winning program, The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green, to the next level!

Host Becky Worley (of ABC’s Good Morning America and Yahoo! News) is back in the driver’s seat for this exciting look at the economics of renewable energy and electric drive vehicles.

The cost of burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas has been staggering – both to the environment and to our wallets.

Sure, using wind and solar power could end our addition to fossil fuels, but how would switching to renewable energy affect our personal energy bills?

We’ve Got the Power visits companies and communities where everyday people are putting cutting edge innovative technology into daily use: from a new California town – built from the ground up to use zero net energy – to Andalucia, Spain, where groundbreaking solar technology powers 20,000 homes AT NIGHT!

With help from humorous and educational animation, the program also looks at the importance of the role of government in different stages of renewable energy production including research, regulations, policy making, and protecting the public and the environment.

We’ve Got the Power to turn the vision of a green economy into profitable reality for everyone!

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