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We’ve Got the Power  is an exciting documentary that can be a valuable tool when teaching the science and engineering behind climate change adaptation and renewable energy deployment.  It can also spark discussions about the economic benefits behind replacing fossil fuels with clean energy alternatives

This informative and entertaining documentary offers a platform for science, engineering and government classes to discuss the role of government, private business and inventors in the creation of a new industry. The documentary provides students an opportunity to learn more about government and participate in creative problem solving discussions to address climate change now and in the future.  The program can also be used to address areas of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, as explained in this Education Guide.

The FREE Education Outreach Program is geared towards students from 6th – 12th grade. It is a perfect teaching tool for environmental science, earth science, engineering, sustainability and even government classes.  The documentary can be shown to students in its entirety or you can show individual sections.  The program is tailored to suit your needs in the classroom!

We’ve Got the Power Education Outreach Program also includes an Energy Awareness Activity Book for K-5 students.

FREE Education Outreach Program
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FREE DVD – copies of the We’ve Got the Power DVD
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